[eBook] The Customer-Retail Intimacy Equation

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Discover how to blend retail intimacy of the past with today’s digital world of retail to transform the in-store experience of the connected consumer.

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In this eBook, we unpack:
  • How retail is seeing a return to its roots with intimacy and personalization
  • What made historic retail successful and how technology has changed the retail environment
  • How retailers can use technology to provide the customer experience that today’s consumers demand

Key Highlights

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The new generation of shoppers are seeking a sense of the past but enabled in their digital world. They want their experience to be immediate, transparent, convenient and personalized. Delivering always-on and always-available omnichannel convenience and mapping that to the desired shopping journeys of today’s consumers is a necessity for survival. Read this eBook, written by Paula LevyBryan Amaral and Saira Zia to take an in-depth view of how leading retailers are responding to evolving consumer expectations and trends.

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