Focus on success.

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The Retail Excellence Group is a team of retail experts dedicated to our customers’ success and happiness.

Our mission.

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By harnessing decades of retail experience, Tulip’s Retail Excellence Group provides our customers with ongoing support and expertise, both before and after launch. Whether you are piloting Tulip in one store, or fully launching a new suite of products chain wide, our retail experts are there to support you and your store associates to achieve maximum return on your investment in implementing your omnichannel vision.

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Our vision.

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At Tulip, we believe that great customer service comes from sales associates who are happy, engaged, and armed with the knowledge to provide customers with an excellent in-store experience. We achieve this by developing programs that will get associates excited and engaged early on in the project, ensuring organic, widespread adoption of Tulip throughout your organization.

When store associates were enabled with access to endless aisle, product details, and inventory, retailers saw a double-digit increase in basket-size.

Return on investment.

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By leveraging the most advanced mobile technology sales associates are armed with the resources to better serve the modern day consumer. We are the only SaaS company with a team dedicated to driving business value, and the adoption of new in-store solutions.

We understand that customer success is defined by your success and results. We are dedicated to the optimal implementation of the Tulip Retail Platform and to maximizing ROI.