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Connect and empower your store associates with mobile apps to access all the information and tools they need.

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At Tulip, we believe that the most important investment you can make this year is to empower your Store Associates with mobile apps that will improve service, build relationships and drive sales. We are partnering with some of the world’s most iconic and innovative retailers to pioneer the next generation of retail and create “connected stores” that put the information and tools that workers need at their fingertips.

Assisted Selling product information in an ipad paired with the Tulip Retail Runner app in an iphone

Great tools.
Great experiences.

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Innovative mobile in-store solutions for industry-specific segments.


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Customers are seeking a highly personalized, transporting shopping experience with store associates they can trust for advice and service. Luxury retailers want their store associates to be brand ambassadors that connect the physical store with digital shopping to drive customer loyalty and build sustainable, personalized, long-lasting relationships.

Customer black book in the Tulip Retail app

At Tulip, we strive to make associates valuable and knowledgeable style guides that elevate the luxury experience. We empower in-store workers with mobile apps for assisted selling, managing their black book, clienteling, endless aisle, and line busting to drive amazing personalized customer experiences.


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Fashion retailers want to provide their store associates with great mobile tools to drive great shopping experiences. Associates need to become storytellers and style guides and use access to an endless aisle catalog from anywhere in the store to elevate service and increase sales.

Store catalog in the Tulip Retail app

Tulip provides mobile apps for clienteling, checkout and working with runners to provide a seamless customer experience. With access to rich customer profiles and history, store associates drive personalized customer interactions – whether it’s by selling shoulder-to-shoulder in the store or sending personalized email and text messages after they leave. The result is a delighted and loyal customer.


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World-renown jewelry retailers are striving to deliver a more personalized, transporting and seamless in-store customer experience. They want their associates to be knowledgeable experts and great salespeople.

Assisted Selling product information page in the Tulip Retail app on an iphone

Tulip empowers jewelry store associates with mobile assisted selling, clienteling, and endless aisle capabilities to view and select the latest designs, and discover the perfect jewelry pieces to update their customer’s collection. Tulip’s innovative clienteling apps deliver the ultimate one-to-one customer experience with a level of personalization that takes advantage of the physical shopping space to inspire customers and create long-lasting brand loyalty.

Big Box Stores

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Big box retailers need to provide their in-store workers with mobile apps that make them both more effective and more efficient. The right information and mobile tools in the hands of store associates will enable great service from anywhere in the store and elevate the customer experience. They will streamline store operations and make it easy to navigate large-scale spaces and huge assortments.

Order picking with Tulip Retail Fulfillment

Tulip’s assisted selling and omnichannel capabilities give big box store associates access to product information, inventory, customer information and checkout tools to remove friction from shopping. Associates become product experts to deliver engaging, personalized experiences that meet the unique needs of all types of customers, from frugal shoppers to do-it-yourself enthusiasts to small business owners to general contractors.

Home Furnishings

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The home furnishings and furniture industry is evolving, and retailers in this space are reinventing the in-store shopping experience. Retailers are challenging the traditional retail model, by building inspiring spaces that blur the lines between residential and retail, indoors and outdoors, physical and digital.

Assisted Selling product information page in the Tulip Retail app

Tulip empowers the Store Associates with the right mobile apps to drive up store sales, maximize profitability and retain loyal customers. Associates are leveraging Tulip’s clienteling tools to capture customer information and Tulip’s assisted selling and endless aisle to “save a sale” on an out-of-stock item. Tulip-enabled associates continue the dialog with prospects and customers once they leave the store using mobile apps to send personalized eMail and text messages that drive customers back to the store. The result is a personalized and proactive experience that drives sales.