Designed for iOS.

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Harnessing the power of the world’s most advanced mobile technology
to transform the face of retail.

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Driving user-centric design across the retail enterprise.

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Next generation retail workers are demanding the same amazing apps they use to power their personal lives to also power their professional lives. Tulip Retail leverages iOS to bring together the world’s best and most loved mobile technology with Tulip’s next generation enterprise retail software to empower store associates.

Ease of use.

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Tulip places user-centric design principles at the core of our store associate mobile platform to ensure they can get up and running in moments by using an operating system they both know and love already. Time and resources spent learning clunky applications can be shifted to helping store associates improve their selling tactics or to spending more time reviewing their customer’s shopping behavior in order to make more informed decisions.

A device for every experience.

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Whether store associates use Tulip as they work shoulder-to-shoulder with customers, or to perform advanced store operations, our platform works across all iOS devices: iPod, iPad, and iPod touch to name a few. We work with you to determine the needs of your selling force to pick the right form factor and device accessories.

Search and filter products in the Tulip Retail app

Secure from the inside out.

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At Tulip, our philosophy is to ensure security is built into the fabric of the store associate mobile platform and our development practices. We use the Payment Card Industry’s (PCI) requirements and industry best practices to ensure customer data is protected at every step of the way. And when it comes to choosing the right mobile technology, you can rest easy knowing every element is built with iOS security at the core.

Peace of mind with Mobile Device Management (MDM).

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Tulip deploys thousands of devices into the hands of store associates, and in order to manage updates, product releases, and important security protocols, it’s essential to have a Mobile Device Management (MDM) tool to manage this data. Since these tools work with the native management framework built into iOS, your business can can get setup quickly and easily.

Line-bust from anywhere in the store.

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Tulip supports all major third-party hardware integrations so store associates can scan barcodes, accept payments, or print price tags from anywhere in the store. Empowered to engage customers in the aisle and be there at every step of the path-to-purchase, store associates can now deliver the best experience possible using mobile and tablet-based POS and scanners.

Do you know how to choose the right devices and integrations
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