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Tulip has partnered with the world’s most innovative retailers who share our vision to change the way retail is being done by enabling their greatest asset: store associates.

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Kate Spade New York

Kate Spade and Tulip create a more memorable in-store experience

Kate Spade New York—the luxury multi-channel lifestyle brand has partnered with Tulip Retail to outfit their stores with a mobile-first technology tool that allows their sales associates to offer highly personalized style, fit, and size recommendations to their shoppers by digitally storing contact info, brand preferences and lifestyle details.

By modernizing the guest experience through a more thoughtful digital journey, Kate Spade now provides a differentiated shopping experience for its guests. In addition to hosting product information and features, Tulip provides an elevated platform to enhance the communication with their guests as well as her experience in store. Clienteling remains one of Kate Spade’s key differentiators and personalization continues to be at the core of it.

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Mulberry's store associates use Tulip to deliver an intimate and personalized shopping experience

For Mulberry, an international luxury brand, delivering an intimate customer experience has become critical to their success. They wanted to deliver personalized services in the store and felt a new mobile technology in the hands of associates would help. Mulberry partnered with Tulip to come up with a robust store associate mobility and clienteling solution.

Mulberry adopted the Tulip Mobile Associate Mobility solution to drive a personalized clienteling experience for shoppers and strengthen the relationship between their store associates and customers. The Tulip apps including Assisted Selling, Checkout, Clienteling, and Runner enable Mulberry's store associates to access the entire product catalog across channels, check out customers anywhere in the store, see customer profiles, send personalized messages, and connect with backroom employees to retrieve products without leaving the customer’s side. Associates utilizing Tulip are now able to strike up interesting and more valuable conversations, understand customer preferences, handle mixed orders of in-store and online inventory, and elevate the shoulder-to-shoulder in-store shopping experience.

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Bonobos Logo

Bonobos Guides are giving traditional retailers a run for their money

Making the move into physical retailer gave Bonobos a major advantage over traditional retailers when it comes to technology innovation, who are up against dozens of legacy back-end systems that simply can’t integrate with mobile. Bonobos brought the online in-store by giving store associates access to laptops and product information while working alongside a customer. Guides would perform all transactions through the Bonobos website, which meant a customer would either sign in or create an account in the store, then a Guide would add their final selections to the cart, and ship. But store associates needed a faster, better, and more impactful way to interact with customers.

By making the move to mobile, Bonobos store associates can login to any Tulip-enabled iPad and have immediate access to customer and product information. The power is now in the hands of the store associate, who can review their customer’s shopping preferences and then use the data to encourage future interactions and visits. From the moment a store associate welcomes a guest into the shop, to the moment they transact using our built-in mobile point-of-sale (mPOS), Tulip is powering the Bonobos omnichannel journey in one, easy-to-use iOS app.

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Indigo empowers store associates with the Tulip mobile app to revolutionize the in-store experience

Indigo - Canada's largest book, gift, and specialty toy retailer - has partnered with Tulip to transform the in-store buying and checkout experience, by giving store associates mobile devices to transact from anywhere in the store while working alongside a customer. Indigo situates store associates throughout the store and equips them with Tulip’s checkout and line busting solution capable of offering financial, operational, and customer service improvements. The personalized checkouts provide customer convenience, reduce wait times and shorten lines enabling Indigo to drive more sales during their busiest times.

Indigo is a proponent of innovative technology, establishing new modern ways to elevate service and improve the customer experience in their stores. Tulip’s solution is one example of using mobile apps in the hands of workers to enhance the in-store shopping experience and at the same time drive increased worker productivity and effectiveness.

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Tory Burch

Mobility and personalization are the keys for Tory Burch’s in-store solution: Tête-à-Tête

One of the key drivers of Tory Burch’s outstanding growth is a relentless passion for offering personalized customer experiences. Tory Burch recognized the importance of clienteling via their store associates, as it led to increased conversion rates, repeat customers and overall improved customer relationships.

The retailer worked closely with Tulip and developed a best-in-class mobile Clienteling solution that gave store associates the capability to identify the most valuable customer segments, and interact with them in a highly personalized manner. Tory Burch has labeled this latest retail innovation as Tête-à-Tête, which essentially means “head to head”, or to have a one-to-one conversation and drive a personalized clienteling experience. Access to rich customer information via the Tulip app allows their store associates to provide more intelligent recommendations and personalize the experience when selling in store or reaching out with a message. The end result is elevated service, more intimate relationships and higher sales.

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Frank + Oak White Logo

Frank + Oak Style Advisers power next generation stores with mobile technology

Next generation menswear retailer, Frank + Oak, began as a pure play merchant who opened stores as a way to augment the shopping experience, turning it into a destination where customers can hang out, grab a coffee, or get a shave at the barber shop. New customers fill out an online profile where they list their sizes, preferred styles and colours. Algorithms, coupled with human style advisers, suggest purchases, which are then shipped to the customer. The more a person buys, the more customized their future recommendations become.

According to Co-Founder and CEO, Ethan Song “a lot of our customers go into our stores with their girlfriends…Our role is to be our customers’ girlfriends – a trusted adviser to help them look good.” When a customer comes into a store, it’s an active experience where a Style Adviser is with them for 30 minutes. With Tulip-enabled iPads, they’re equipped with detailed product information, paired with data and insight around customer style and shopping preferences, empowering them to make expert decisions on the spot.

“We’re taking ecommerce-like technology and bringing it into the store,” Tulip Founder and CEO, Ali Asaria says. “You can’t just have zero-skilled workers. We just haven’t traditionally given these associates the tools they need.” Frank + Oak’s fleet of highly skilled advisers are driving a new standard for better service and knowledge base that traditional retailers are surely to take note from.

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Mejuri adopts Tulip’s Turnkey Solution to personalize customer engagements

Founded on the belief to make luxury jewelry accessible, fun, and part of everyday life, Mejuri is targeted towards the smart, vivacious and bold women of today. The direct-to-consumer online retailer understood the interplay between the customers' digital and physical experience and viewed their first brick-and-mortar store as an asset serving brand awareness.

Mejuri introduced Tulip's Turnkey Edition to extend the relationship between their store associates and customers beyond the four walls of the physical store. The Turnkey Edition of Tulip Retail Clienteling brings personalization and convenience to another level, all while repositioning the associate from somebody who offers some assistance in the store into a trusted fashion and style advisor. This offering from Tulip captures the key clienteling features and best practices with an out-of-the-box mobile solution that is easy to install, configure and launch in stores. The outcome is enhanced customer service, positive impact on brand loyalty, and faster ROI.

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