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Delivering intimate, personalized customer experiences via one-to-one relationships.

Activity log in the Tulip Retail app

Inspire incredible customer service

Armed with valuable customer insights, store associates are using Tulip Retail Clienteling App to send personalized messages to their key customers and deliver a one-to-one experience that surpasses the expectations of today’s shopper.

The app includes access to customer information and order history, black book management, follow-up management, email and SMS messaging.

Customer profile in the Clienteling app

Customer Knowledge

Personalize the experience for
every customer

Access a rich customer profile including personal preferences and past purchases

Gain a 360-degree view of the customer by integrating with your CRM and online systems

Understand a customer’s online activity including their wishlists and browsing history


Black Book

Build relationships with your
top customers

Manage a client book for your VIP customers

Take notes, track birthdays and anniversaries

Use the “closet feature” to see pictures of all the products a customer bought from you

Capture communication preferences for follow-ups

SMS in the Tulip Retail app


Continue the in-store conversation

Interact with customers after they leave the store with personal SMS/text messages

Include attachments to engage the customer

Use templates to say just the right thing

All communications are monitored and recorded

Valuable history passed along to future associates

Clienteling - Email


Communicate valuable information
to customers

Notify customers when their order is in or their size and favorite style is available for purchase

Get creative and send customers new looks that you create

Build trust and rapport by keeping the all communication channels open

Clienteling - Follow-ups


Make a lasting impression

Manage your follow-ups like clockwork

Coordinate and schedule customer follow-ups and build one-to-one relationships

Automatically schedule birthday and post-purchase follow-ups

Set up follow-up campaigns to communicate with customers regularly via SMS and email


Reward top customers and treat them to exclusive VIP perks.

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