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Capture orders, take payment and transact anywhere in the store with mPOS.

Tulip Retail's Checkout App

Line busting with mobile POS

Provide store associates with the Tulip Retail Checkout App to capture orders and take payments using a mobile device for faster customer check-outs and line-busting.

The app includes a shopping cart, order capture, payment handling, POS integration, cash drawer management and order processing.

Easy checkout with Tulip Retail


Check out anywhere in the store

Skip the lines with payments in the aisle for line-busting

Supports discounts, coupons, and loyalty points

Payment options include cash, credit card, debit, gift card, and store credit

Works alongside existing POS or standalone

Checkout - Mixed order

Mixed Orders

Harness all your sales channels…
but deliver one shopping journey

Mix in-store & online products in a single order

Split the shopping cart between on-hand and online inventory

Ship to a customer address or store location

Handle more than one customer at a time during busy times with support for multiple cart sessions per associate

Line-bust from anywhere in the store with mPOS

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Tulip supports all major third-party hardware integrations so store associates can scan barcodes, accept payments, or print price tags from anywhere in the store. Empowered to engage customers in the aisle and be there at every step of the path-to-purchase, store associates can now deliver the best experience possible using mobile and tablet-based POS and scanners.

Do you know how to choose the right devices and integrations
for your store associates? Learn more >

Pay with cash in the Tulip Retail Checkout app

Cash Drawer

Cash or credit?

Accept cash payments and manage your cash drawer

Log all events and keep an audit trail

Includes cash balance management and reporting

Support for pay-in / pay-out / open drawer

Support for cash drawer opening via Bluetooth integration

Stay PCI compliant.

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At Tulip, we’re PCI compliant while focused on staying out of PCI scope. By integrating with PCI compliant payment hardware, customer information and credit card numbers are never seen or stored in Tulip.

Discover more about our philosophy on security and privacy. Read more >

Checkout options with Tulip Retail

POS Integration

Integrate with your current
POS system

Leverage the Tulip Retail Checkout App to extend and complement your existing POS system

Use Tulip Retail as a stand-alone Mobile POS

Or capture orders and pass them to your existing POS for processing

Order details in the Checkout app


Manage all your orders from a
mobile device

Give associates access to all orders

Create new orders

Search and filter existing orders to check status or update the order

Print and email receipts and confirmations

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