What retailers are doing to become resilient

What Retailers are Doing to Become Resilient during COVID-19

Businesses are simultaneously dealing with the immediate impact of the global pandemic and at the same time planning for when we emerge

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Retail Navigating COVID-19

How Retailers can Navigate the Customer Experience during COVID-19

The current global pandemic has profoundly impacted our health and disrupted our usual way of life. It has also significantly fractured the

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Retail Store Associate

The Return of Intimacy in Retail – Part 2

“Omnichannel”… the word exists somewhere in the space between overused and maligned. It’s a wonky word used to describe some

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Retail is transforming, evolving, and it’s all being showcased in the modern brick and mortar stores

Retailers are challenged to scale beyond novelty as brands are becoming increasingly more visceral, merging both the digital and physical

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tulip retail

Tulip Retail Raises $40 Million, Led by Kleiner Perkins

Tulip Retail has announced it has raised $40 million in Series B

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Customers are unique, so treat them uniquely

Every customer who walks into a retail store is unique, so how do retailers create a personalized experience for all? SmarterHQ and Tulip

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Why I left online retailing to focus on stores

This article first appeared on VentureBeat. Author: Ali Asara, CEO Retail crashes in the U.S. during the economic downturn and retailer

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