Assisted Selling

Empower associates with easy mobile access to the omnichannel catalog

Make store associates your customers’ most knowledgeable and trusted advisor.

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Assisted Selling creates an informed associate

With Tulip’s Assisted Selling App, store associates can sell more items more effectively by leveraging real-time product information, ratings, reviews, imagery and video, and social media.

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Increase Order Sizes

5% to 15%

Leverage rich customer data to cross-sell and upsell effectively and to increase Average Order Value on store transactions.

Increase Store Sales

2% to 10%

Generate incremental sales and capture lost sales by giving associates access to online and in-store inventory.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

10% to 30%

Engage with in-store customers and extend the personal customer experience beyond the four walls of the store.


Assisted Selling features

Amplify the connection between store associates and customers.

Omnichannel Catalog Access
  • Access your inventory in the store, or check availability both in other stores and online.
  • Handle mixed in-store and online orders
Advanced Search
  • Find the right product faster with powerful type-ahead search
Inventory Information
  • Integrate ratings and reviews and close the knowledge gap between store associates and customers with real-time access to enhanced product information
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An iconic fashion brand increased conversion rates by 2% and in-store sales by 4% with Tulip’s Assisted Selling App.


Business value
  • Boost in-store sales and brand advocacy with a personalized customer experience
  • Sell products that are available in the store, in other stores or online