02.01.2017 By: Tulip Retail

Toys”R”Us Elevates Employee Engagement and Enhances Brand Loyalty

As seen on Loyalty 360.

Creating that ultimate shopping experience starts with engaging your employees. If your employees aren’t engaged, it’s a tall order to spark widespread customer engagement and, ultimately, brand loyalty.

At Toys“R” Us, officials wanted to enhance their employee engagement and they partnered with Tulip Retail to achieve this goal.

“We want nothing more than to create a positive shopping experience for our customers each time they visit our stores or webstore,” Toys “R” Us spokesperson Meghan Sowa explained to Loyalty360. “With the help of Tulip, Toys “R” Us and Babies“R”Us store team members have access to current product catalogs, product details, price matching information, online ordering capabilities, and much more. These types of technology investments empower our team members to better serve our customers as toy and baby product experts.”

Tulip Retail, a mobile application platform built exclusively for retail stores and sales associates, is working with some of the world’s top brands, including Bonobos, Coach, Toys “R”Us, Kate Spade, and more. These retailers are transforming their in-store experiences by deploying the Tulip Retail Platform and iOS application suites and empowering their store associates to better engage with customers and build relationships with them. Armed with information on products, inventory, ratings and reviews, customer preferences, purchase history, and online activity along with tools for assisted selling and clienteling, sales associates can delight customers and increase sales.

Sowa talked about the importance of employee engagement and its impact on customer loyalty.

“Our ability to engage our employees directly correlates with our ability to engage our customers,” Sowa said. “We are committed to helping our customers shop with confidence – whether they’re purchasing furniture for their newborn’s nursery or the latest video game for the tween in their life. That’s why we arm our team members with tools that allow them to dispense industry knowledge and product recommendations for gift-givers shopping in our stores. In addition to having important information easily accessible – literally with the click of a button – our team members also use the Tulip app to view training videos and view communications – all of which keeps employees engaged and, ultimately, builds customers’ trust in our experts.”

Tulip Retail is rapidly becoming the leader in the store associate solution category, now powering the in-store shopping experience for thousands of stores and 180,000 store associates around the world while processing more than 50 million cloud service requests per month.

“The landscape for retailers with physical stores is changing drastically – and the 2016 holiday shopping season verified this as consumers spent a record amount with online retailers, while brick-and-mortar stores had to rely on heavy promotions and deep discounts,” said Ali Asaria, CEO of Tulip Retail.

“For retailers to combat the threat of online players in 2017, the most important investment they can make is empowering the store associate, which is the biggest advantage stores have over e-tailers and helping to turn them into a beacon of knowledge, trusted advisor and relationship builder. Leading retailers realize this and are turning to Tulip Retail to implement our mobile platform globally. The new services that we’ll be rolling out this year will get retailers closer to the day where the associate is notified when a customer walks in and is ready with product offerings based on valuable data at their fingertips including the customer’s recent purchases, shopping preferences, and online browsing history – connecting online directly to the shopping floor.”