04.25.2017 By: Bill Zujewski

Store Managers Embrace Mobile Technology to Collaborate with their Workers

Store managers own the performance of their stores. They are responsible for the day-to-day operations of a retail store and the employees working in the store. The right manager can set the tone for the working environment and shopping experience and ultimately be the difference in whether a store under performs or exceeds expectations.

But what do store managers actually control? The merchandising strategy, marketing campaigns, media coverage, and product mix all come from headquarters. Their success is tied to the right strategy and seasonal plan.  Granted, those things are super important. But there is one very important asset managers do own and have control over that can make a difference… their sales associates.  Hiring the right people, training them, keeping them motivated, getting them to delight customers, sell better and sell more are all responsibilities and activities they own. The good news for retailers and store managers, mobile technology (including iPads, iPhones, tablets, smartphones) can help with ALL of these things and help managers.  

In fact, Retailers who are deploying mobile devices for tactical line busting and online purchases in the stores are realizing that the deployment of mobile devices can improve other store processes and open new ways for store managers to collaborate and communicate with their workers.  That is the focus of our latest Tulip Retail Platform release – empowering store managers.  With the Tulip Management Suite, managers now have more tools for themselves and for their workers. Tulip is providing managers with tools to onboard new workers, share documents, collaborate, manage their tasks, set their priorities and provide them communication templates for clienteling.  Here’s a list of mobile tools and mobile apps retailers should consider for their front-line workers and store managers:

  1. Onboarding of new employees
  2. Product training
  3. Sales training
  4. Assisted selling and access to expanded product information
  5. Inventory access
  6. Endless aisle access to buy online and save the sale
  7. Line busting
  8. Document management
  9. Collaboration, chat
  10. Employee communications
  11. Clienteling with SMS messages and eMail
  12. Black book management
  13. Personalized recommendations
  14. Task management
  15. Schedule management
  16. Timecard management
  17. Compensation reporting
  18. Gamification of sales goals
  19. Store sales reporting
  20. Store manager dashboards

There is more pressure than ever for Retailers to grow same store sales or even just maintain them. Our recent store survey confirmed that consumers still want to visit physical stores… to touch and feel things, to get something immediately or even just to shop and have fun.  Stores that create a delightful in-store experience will continue to exist and prosper, those that do not have a more unclear future. Now, with mobile-first cloud solutions like Tulip Retail, managers can use mobile technology to manage their workers and their stores and deliver the ultimate brand experience.

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