09.13.2018 By: Nitin Chand

New offering to arm retailers with Clienteling best practices

Many retailers who are looking to leverage the power of mobile technology to enhance customer service, need a solution that ensures rapid deployment, low risk, minimal setup costs, and faster ROI. That’s a fact.

That is why we’ve created the Turnkey Edition of Tulip Retail Clienteling, an out-of-the-box mobile solution for store associates that is easy to install, configure, and launch in retail stores. This entry-level edition offers the key clienteling features and maximizes the return on investment in Tulip.

Rapid deployments in days and weeks, not months

Clienteling has proven to have a positive impact on sales and brand loyalty, and we understand the need and urgency that retailers have for this solution. That is why, all the features of the Turnkey Edition are designed for ease-of-use and ease-of-integration, and the deployment is executed within weeks (not months).

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Rich feature set most commonly used by store associates

The Turnkey Edition offers a rich set of features and comes with two main Tulip products embedded within: Tulip Retail Clienteling and Tulip Retail Assisted Selling. Key features of the Turnkey Edition enable store associates to:

Assist customers shoulder-to-shoulder with a beautiful mobile app

Armed with a powerful clienteling solution that incorporates an intuitive user interface, store associates can anticipate the customer’s every need before they even step into the store. They can quickly gain access to customer information such as past purchases, appointment notes, etc., thereby allowing them to assist customers shoulder-to-shoulder, with an intimate and personalized approach.

Search and browse the catalog with a 360-degree view of all product information

Turnkey Edition empowers the associate with an omnichannel catalog that provides a 360-degree view of all product information. This allows the store associate to sell more effectively by leveraging real-time product information, product reviews and ratings, and engaging product images and videos.

Access products that are available in the store, in other stores or online

Store associates have mobile access to the online as well as in-store inventory, allowing them to sell products that are available in-store, in other stores, or online, thereby offering customers an endless aisle experience.

Take notes, track special days, and interact with customers after they leave the store

The key Clienteling features in the Turnkey Edition equip store associates with vital customer information such as birthdays, anniversaries, and other special events. The app notifies the associate to send custom or templated texts or emails to customers, greet them on their special days, interact with them through emails and texts even after they leave the store, thus adding a more personalized touch to the customer-associate relationship.

Receive credit for future online and in-store sales that come from their personalized customer outreach

Store associates and their personalized interactions with customers often play a vital role in driving future online and in-store sales. However, in most cases, associates are not credited for the impact that their communication and personal relationships have on these sales. The sales attribution feature in the Turnkey Edition ensures that the associates who drive in business via their follow-ups and personalized texts and emails are given due credit for the same.

Entry-level pricing to drive a faster ROI

The Turnkey Edition paves the way forward for retailers who are looking to invest in a clienteling solution but want to minimize risk and their upfront costs while accelerating time to value and maximizing ROI. The launch of the Turnkey Edition is an opportunity for retailers to explore Clienteling with minimal implementation risk and at an economical price point. It is easy to deploy, has best practices built-in, involves lower setup costs and minimizes deployment risks. The edition covers up to 50 retail stores and contains a Quickstart Consulting Package from Tulip to accelerate the launch.


Interested in learning more about our Turnkey Edition? Go ahead and book a demo with a Tulip expert. Or learn more about Turnkey Edition here.

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