08.30.2019 By: Stephanie Wagner

Looking back on building a culture of growth

At Tulip, we’re tech-forward, data-driven, and most importantly people-focused. While this may seem like an oxymoron to some, it’s a way of life for us and has been since we started out in 2013. 

The name Tulip itself was chosen because it speaks to an organization that’s organic, grows, and is human; a company that invests in its team members as much as it does in its technology. And I’m not just talking about free lunches or elaborate holiday parties (although those are fun) but am referring to real professional development opportunities where employees have the chance to learn. 

At Tulip, we’ve worked hard to build a culture that’s focused on the growth of our team members and today, I’m happy to share how we did it.

1) We empower our people and their ideas.

We recognize that our teams are comprised of extremely smart people – which is why we give them the freedom to express their ideas and the autonomy to put them into action. At Tulip, we encourage our employees to experiment and try new things; allowing them to learn by doing.

2) We share key insights and information. 

We keep our team members in-the-know so that they have the information they need to not only complete tasks, but to come up with better, more innovative ways for us to achieve our goals. Whether it’s through our internal product newsletter or at town halls, we’re eager to share knowledge with our teams and are even more excited to see how they leverage it. 

3) We welcome differences in opinion. 

We know that success comes from embracing diversity and this is why we foster an environment where people from all walks of life are safe to express and execute their ideas. By promoting an open, collaborative workplace, our people are constantly learning from each other and improving.  

4) We make room for growth.  

Tulip is built on one core idea, that for companies to succeed they need to invest in their people. And this rings true internally at Tulip where our goal is helping our team members live up to their full potential. Whether that includes paying for additional training or encouraging an employee to take on a difficult project, we’re happy to do what it takes to get our team members to the next level and are ready to create a new role for them when this happens.  

Having been at Tulip for almost five years now, I can attest to the impact our culture has on our team members’ development and success. Anthony Burkholder is one example that comes to mind, as he started as a Co-Op Student at Tulip and is now one of our Solutions Engineers. Diana Pavel is another, growing from a Software Developer to our current Development Manager, Infrastructure. If you want to join an environment where this kind of growth is the norm, connect with me to find out how you can join the Tulip team.


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