Powering the Connected Store

Enhance store associates’ capabilities with seamless and harmonious omnichannel experiences. Tulip offers the world’s most user-friendly and powerful cloud-based mobile apps built exclusively for stores of the future.

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Blueday Joins Tulip

Blueday is the provider of the leading store labor productivity solution for retail. With the combined capabilities of Tulip’s mobile solutions and Blueday’s Store Performance System, retailers can now unlock even greater value from their data to drive smarter business decisions and more intelligent customer experiences.

Blueday’s SaaS solution provides a centralized suite of tools that help finance, retail operations, and in-store leaders improve the performance of store teams and increase sales productivity.

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LiveConnect Video Chat is Now Available!

With LiveConnect Video Chat, store associates can share product details, answer customer questions, provide personalized styling appointments, beauty consultations and more – all through video. Customers can connect with and shop from their favourite stores via video call from anywhere.

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Solutions to help you manage the current economic realities

At Tulip, we have been responding to this situation quickly by resetting our roadmap and introducing new products to help retailers navigate during and post pandemic.

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Empowering global brands and store associates

We are partnering with the world’s best, and most demanding global retailers to build the best end-to-end store platform to unlock seamless, connected, omnichannel experiences.

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Retail Excellence

Team of retail professionals providing best-in-class consulting, support, and associate training.

Mobile First

Beautifully designed, with a modern and intuitive user experience.

Scalability & Extensibility

Our extensibility framework helps retailers adopt new requirements and enable extending the out-of-the-box functionality.


The future of retail, today

Elevate retail experiences that matter most. Tulip’s impressive suite of digital apps enable store associates to deliver tailored experiences through all customer touchpoints.

  • Clienteling
    Delivering intimate, personalized experiences via one-to-one relationships.
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  • Checkout Nova
    Take the sale to the source. Capture orders, take payments and transact anywhere in the store with mobile POS.
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  • Assisted Selling
    Turn your store associates into beacons of knowledge, trusted advisors, and the ultimate fashion guides.
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  • LiveConnect
    Connecting store associates and customers in real-time over popular messaging platforms.
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  • Runner
    Better serve your most loyal customers with uninterrupted experiences fulfilling in-store requests.
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  • Store Performance System
    A centralized suite of tools that helps finance, retail operations, and in-store leadership improve the performance of store teams.
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  • Fulfillment (Coming Soon)
    With the Tulip Fulfillment App, store associates fulfill or reserve orders directly from local inventory with a simple, easy-to-use mobile application.
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Increase Order Sizes
5% to 15%

Leverage rich customer data to cross-sell and upsell effectively and to increase Average Order Value on store transactions.

Increase Store Sales
2% to 10%

Generate incremental sales and capture lost sales by giving associates access to online and in-store inventory.

Increase Customer Satisfaction
10% to 30%

Engage with in-store customers and extend the personal customer experience beyond the four walls of the store.

Increase Repeat Purchases
5% to 20%

Send customers personalized product images based on their preferences and past purchases to generate incremental sales.


Your return on investment

A shared vision turned into reality

As partners of the world’s most innovative retailers, we take pride in helping enhance omnichannel experiences and empower the retailer’s greatest asset: the store associates.


Trusted by the best

The most innovative global brands choose Tulip to transform their retail experience.

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A growing ecosystem to help meet your complex needs

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