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A mobile platform built exclusively for store associates.

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[Study] Store Associate Survey

Tulip surveyed over 200 store associates to understand their experience in brick & mortar stores. Download the study to see the detailed survey results to over 20 key questions.

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[Study] Consumer In-Store Shopping Survey

Tulip recently surveyed over one thousand consumers to understand their experience with store associates. Download the study to see the detailed survey results to over 20 key questions.

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Store associates:
Retail’s next big investment.

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Store associates are key contributors to the success or failure of brick-and-mortar stores, making them one of the most important assets to a retailer. Mobilizing store associates with the right tools to help shape the shopping experience increases productivity, improves communication, and establishes new points of engagement for the first time ever.

Consumers are changing and adapting—they expect retailers to do the same.

Transform the
brick & mortar
retail experience,
one customer
at a time

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Tulip’s powerful mobile applications re-invent the in-store shopping experience, improve service, drive sales and lower operational costs.

Dedicated to store associate empowerment, Tulip is bringing the best of online shopping to the selling floor with an intuitive, simple to use mobile app that enables: assisted selling, endless aisle, clienteling, store communications, worker collaboration, mobile checkout and line busting.

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Enterprise mobility
in one, easy-to-use app.

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 With Tulip Retail’s Mobile Associate App for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, store associates now have access to dozens of pre-built tools to help meet the needs of customers at every step of the way.

Omnichannel catalog in the Tulip app

Assisted Selling

Turn store associates into storytellers and enable them with access to the entire product catalog from anywhere in the store. From product details and availability, to customer reviews and rich media, store associates can create the seamless, end-to-end shopping experience customers expect.

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Customer list in the Tulip app


Create a way for store associates to build strong customer relationships. Whether it’s to share the latest look, wish a happy birthday, or curate a look just for them, store associates can use SMS and email to send customized, one-on–one messages to their customers all within the Tulip app.

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Check out shipping options in the Tulip app


Sell from anywhere your customers shop, whether it’s online or in-store, and give store associates access to transact omnichannel orders. Unleash the power of an omnichannel sales associate to become all-channel sellers–driving enhanced customer loyalty and return

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Store operations dashboard in the Tulip app

Store Communications

Streamline communications, training, and sales best practices by bringing the store associate into the enterprise. Dispatch announcements and important materials to thousands of stores and associates at once, and give store associates a way to reach, share, and engage with peers.

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Retailers have traditionally built custom, in-house applications for store associates to solve for individual business needs. Each of these disparate deployments take millions of dollars and years to execute, not to mention the on-going maintenance and training it takes to keep fresh and modern.

Store associates need to be able to quickly access and move between a full suite of tools to be able to meet the needs of customers in every shopping experience. And as retailers, you need an out-of-the-box mobile platform that enables you the flexibility to adapt quickly to an evolving retail landscape.

Executing through excellence.

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At Tulip, we are dedicated to our customer’s success in transforming the in-store customer experience, increasing sales and improving operational efficiency. Our Retail Excellence Group provides experts that are focused on these shared goals and deliver consulting services and best practices to plan, implement, train, launch, and support Tulip solutions. Their goals are to implement innovative in-store solutions, drive strong adoption of these solutions, and maximize the ROI of implementing Tulip.

Discover how the Retail Excellence Group ensures store associates are set up for success.